the knowledge contained within your organizations has huge value.

Can you access it?

Organizations can become overwhelmed by the multitude of documents containing valuable information,
generated by both systems and users.

Irrelevant data helps bury the valuable data

Millions of bytes are created every day.

The production of files and documents of multiple types makes the manual connection between information extremely difficult and time consuming.

Disorganised data consumes time and efficiency, organise it with knowledge management, you will never look back!

Long lists of search results sub-optimise decision making.

The constant production of abundant data and information amplifies disorder, complicating the retrieval of essential content.

unstructured data

75% of the data is unstructured.

Information being stored and spread across various places hinders the identification of effective relationships between them.



The most experienced personnel are often close to retirement giving rise to a huge loss in the knowledge base of the company.

Retaining knowledge is key to a companies success.

Workplace Evolution

Growing hybrid work and remote preferences reshaping employment.

Information MUST be accessible from anywhere.

Searching and locating information consumes resources without adding value

Knowledge and 'know-how' are THE assets of your company. Leverage that knowledge effectively



Efficiently handle vast business data by focusing on key requirements

What is your data?

Our organization will possess various data types, including unstructured and structured data, in different formats, including those from third-party systems.

Want to enhance information gathering for streamlined consultation, using correlations to expedite decisions and save time?

Why opt for the BoK software?
Time is money!


BoK is the Augmented Research platform enabling you to locate desired information within your documents through interactions with the PICO Cognitive Chatbot. It presents results visually via graphs and offers seamless sharing.
Consider it your company's internal Google!

Need efficient Website interactions?

Efficiently manage user-initiated conversations on your website. Enable users to configure products for online sale.

Do you want to improve user experience on your site, engage the customer and increase conversions by using direct communication?

you need mcc


MCC is the platform for creating and managing Cognitive Chatbots and Digital Sellers, with customization of dialogues, connection to external web platforms and statistical analysis of communications.

Do you want a tailored consultancy?

you need AiCS


We provide on request based on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Infographics and Graph/Angular Databases tailored consultancy services called AiCS - Artificial Intelligence, Consulting and Services.

We develop special projects in the field of Predictive Analysis and Neural Networks mainly for Industrial companies.

For the past 22 years, we have been at the forefront of developing innovative digital technology-based Knowledge Management solutions.

R-Tree technologies is an IBM Business Partner, certified on IBM’s Artificial Intelligence platforms: Predictive Analysis, Natural Language Understanding and Cloud Pak for Data.

Our references show that we know how to help successful companies manage their knowledge efficiently and effectively